Friday, December 7, 2018


So let me tell you a story about this jacket; I wanted this jacket when I first seen it at Target! But in seeing it and thinking to myself how I hardly ever wear jackets living in LA I thought I could wait to buy it. (That was me trying to be practical and convince myself to stop buying so much clothes) So I left it, I seen it again another time, in my size, and once again I said I'll get it next time. Cyber Monday rolls around and Target is having a sale so I finally thought, "Hey, I can get the jacket I've been wanting!" I go online, it's SOLD OUT online! No worries though because there's one left in my home store. So I choose in store pick up, purchase goes through and then about 5 minutes later I get an email that is unavailable and to choose another store to pick it up from. Fine..I choose another store, no biggie. Minutes go by and I get the disappointing email that my purchase is cancelled because they're unable to fulfill my order! *cue the heartbreak* 

I start telling myself how this is why I always buy something as soon as I see it on sight and convince myself that trying to be practical and not buy everything in the store never does me any good. (lol) Anyway, time goes on and I go into the store a week later and bam, I see the jacket. Not in the size I originally wanted but I thought hey, it doesn't look too big and man, I snatched it up so quick! It's actually so super cozy but lightweight. So, moral of the story: life's too short, buy it!

Enjoy the look and happy Friday!

Overalls: Forever 21 | Shirt: Zara | Hat: Target | Jacket: Target | Boots: DSW

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Spring in My Step

I'm slowly but surely learning the art of mixing colors and prints. As weird as it may sound, sometimes a mixture of different colors and prints ultimately come together nicely. It's like you still look put together, putting different elements in one. I love the pattern of gingham here with both a black hat, and brown boots. Who said you couldn't wear both? I'm also trying very hard to reuse to my old clothes and find new ways to wear them. Another point of  being a blogger I feel like is being able to utilize the clothing you have and wear it all sorts of ways. What do you think? Enjoy the look!

Sweater: H&M | Skirt: Forever 21 | Boots: DSW

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