Friday, January 3, 2020


Happy New Year beautiful people! First post of 2020 and we are in for a wild ride! Before taking these outfit pictures, I had a dilemma with my choice of shoes. I posted a poll on IG and asked if boots were better or these sandal slingbacks. In my heart I went for the sandals and to my surprise they won the poll! Of course booties would've looked just as good but with this outfit I was going for a more softer and feminine look. The sparkly belt is what threw me into the more feminine side and I wanted the outfit to wrap together seamlessly. Point of this post is one, go with your gut feeling and wear whatever makes you happy. 

Like I said previously last year, I wanted to make my posts more intentional. However I realize that sometimes that's not always possible when you post casual outfits majority of the time. BUT that doesn't mean that my posts won't always have some kind of inspiration or motivation behind them. My purpose and message has always been to help instill some inspo for you to be yourself and I hope that radiates through here always. Anyway, I hope you continue following along and enjoy what's to come! Happy Friday!

Top: Nasty Gal | Jeans: Levi's | Shoes: Miss Lola

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