Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Business Casual

I never knew I needed a blazer until now; wow! I now love how versatile we have made blazers and the fact that we can wear them casually but also dressy, is a game changer! The possibilities are endless and now that we don't have any fashion rules when it comes to them, I am all in. I'm usually not a fan of posting "too casual" looks on the blog but this one deserves its own post because I feel like although it is casual, it is put together. This is definitely a look that can be worn on a busy day running errands, or meeting up for lunch with a friend. The casual and comfy high tops also add for extra cuteness and comfort. Did I mention how you need a blazer like this?! What do you think, are you into the blazer trend? Enjoy the look and happy Wednesday!

Top: Fashion Nova | Shorts: Fashion Nova | Blazer: Shein | Sunnies: Shein | Shoes: Amazon

Use code: Q4lovelylook15 for $$ off at Shein! 

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