Monday, October 14, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Invisalign

Wearing Invisalign in this photo.
1. Price Range, Is it expensive? 
So this part all depends on your insurance. With the insurance I had it would've ran me $1,800 to do it. However, at the time that I signed up, Invisalign was doing their holiday promotion where it was $1,700; I jumped at that price. I believe Invisalign goes for roughly about $3,400 but with insurance you usually pay under $2,000 for sure! So again, it all depends on your dental insurance plan.

My dentist was cool enough as to where I was able to do a "payment plan". I was able to pay a certain amount every 2 months or so which made my life much easier as I didn't have to fork up the whole balance all at once. So definitely ask your dentist if they can do the same!

2. Does it hurt? Pain level?
It didn't hurt one bit. The only thing that you will feel is the pressure when you have your trays on and that's because it's your teeth moving. But this didn't bother me too much. It wasn't an unbearable pain but more so of a feeling I noticed. (You have something in your mouth, of course you're going to feel some pressure.) I was able to go on about my day just fine and not ever did I feel any excruciating pain whatsoever.

3. How does the whole process work?
What your dentist will do will take an impression of your teeth (top and bottom or depending on what you want fixed.) Then from that impression they mail it to Invisalign and with that they are able to create a video model of how you'll teeth shift and move till you get to your end result of straight teeth. They present you with the video model to see if you like it and if you approve. Once you approve, they confirm and make your trays. The number of trays you get depends on the severity of your case. You go in to see the dentist and again, depending on your teeth, you may have some little teeny white dots put on your teeth (these are called "engagers") which are what connect to the tray and help your important teeth shift!

My first time around I was given 5 trays and I had about 5 engagers in my mouth. The engagers are a white color so honestly they are hard to spot unless you point them out! You are to wear each tray for 2 weeks each. 22 hours a day, meaning you only take them out when you eat. There is a big importance of wearing them in for this long because you want them to work! After the 2 weeks is over, you pop in the next tray in the cycle and so on and so forth. Once you're done, you go back to your dentist and evaluate. 

Side note: I'm not completely done with my cycle only because I'm a perfectionist and I'm not completely satisfied with my teeth yet, (I have one super stubborn tooth!) So we are *hopefully* on my last set of 5 trays! (insert crying emoji here).

Wearing Invisalign in this photo.

4. How do you eat?
Just fine! I took them out before I ate, and popped them back in when I was done. You're technically not supposed to be drinking sugary drinks with them on but I'd be lying if I said I didn't. However I drink water everyday so the sugary drink was only on occasion and even then, if it was because I was out and eating, I had them out anyway.

5. How long did you have to wear them for?
I started wearing them in late January and am currently on my third cycle, where I can finally say that I'm just about done and completely satisfied. Again, the length of time you have to wear them depends on the severity of your teeth! 

6. Is it worth it?
In my honest opinion, YES! I didn't want the metal look of braces again especially because I'm older and when I first got them, I had people say they couldn't even tell until I pointed it out to them! To me, with the insurance and taking into account price, no hassle of having to visit the dentist every month to get your braces tightened, the visual illusion of not having anything on your teeth, the flexibility of taking them out if you were having a night out or something, they are very much worth it. I also know of two other people who got them around the same time as I and they very much agreed that they were worth it too. They made my life super simple and much easier than if I had gotten traditional braces again.

Not wearing Invisalign here but loved the difference in my teeth and it showed here.

If you have any other questions that I missed, leave a comment down below and I'll be sure to answer it!
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