Friday, September 13, 2019

The Nude

Nude and tan dresses back to back, who am I?! Clearly someone who one, likes dresses, and two, loves a good nude/tan color. This dress was a gem for me because I got lucky finding it at the thrift store! Although I do plan on cutting it shorter, I enjoyed the length it was because it allowed room for flow. I really saw this dress as a staple piece as I can dress it up and also dress it down as I did here. I cinched my waist even more with my statement Gucci belt and made the look a grunge look, with my docs. I was feeling the sunnies and decided to rock the pony because why not?! Ultimately I love how edgy yet, feminine this look was. What do you think? Enjoy the look and happy Friday!

Dress: Thrifted | Boots: Dr. Marten's | Sunnies: H&M | Belt: Gucci

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