Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Bring Back The Bucket

I don't care what anyone else says, we're bringing back the bucket hat! I use to own a handful of these when I was younger and can I just ask why we let them go? They're so cute, make a statement, and also provide shade for your face! (Hello, Issa win win!) The bucket hat also gives me old school vibes and I'm here for it. I originally wanted to get this one in a cheetah print but I settled for my fave red. I'm actually quite glad I got the red because of the statement it makes. I'm also here for the oversized t-shirt dress look with sneakers because, comfort. I've been pairing my sneakers with everything and I can't get enough? Are you here for the trend? Let me know! Enjoy the look and happy Wednesday!

Dress: Boohoo | Belt: Amazon | Shoes: Nike | Hat: Forever 21

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  1. You look extremely pretty and attractive modelling that black BooHoo dress in all of your outfit photos. I also love the looks of the red bucket hat, the belt and the Nike sneakers you accessorised the dress with. Your hair and perfectly applied lipstick look beautiful.

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