Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Pink Feels

I've been trying the art of letting go of expectations for maybe about almost a week now and honestly, although it's hard sometimes it has been working in my favor. Lately with blogging and posting on Instagram, I've given myself such expectations and comparing myself to others that it's made me unhappy or felt like a chore rather than a joy to post. When something that I ultimately love to do starts to feel that way, I know it's time to pull back and reevaluate some things. Instead of posting to post for the needs of likes and a picture doing well, I wanted to post because I genuinely wanted to and post it with the intention of just that; to share. Not for likes or anything else but to share and build my engagement as a creator across the app. When I started doing that I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt like I didn't have deadlines to meet or pressure to do so well. It just felt right. 

Now that I've had that in my mind for about a week, I plan to continue. Because ultimately my mental health and happiness are most important. Without those than there's no way you can enjoy anything else in life no matter how much gratification you get out of it. So here is your friendly reminder to do things without expectations. Do things because you want to and they make you happy without thinking of the end result or what it could bring you other than the sole reason you're doing it for. 

Anyway, enjoy the almost head to toe TJ Maxx look and happy Wednesday! 

Overalls: TJ Maxx | Blouse: TJ Maxx | Bag: TJ Maxx 

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