Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer Mood

I really want to try and make my blog post more meaningful when it comes to the words that I write. When it comes to anything I produce I want everyone to either feel or know that it comes with meaning. As I slowly try to transition to that, be patient. With bringing meaningful words comes time and more effort that I have to put in when I type these posts up. Anyone can describe an outfit and the reasons why they put it together but when someone is soft with their words and leaves an impact, that's beautiful. And that's how I aspire to be. So here's me in an outfit, feeling a type of mood that I hope to be all Summer; happy. Rocking pieces from a small owned business that I will always find myself supporting because, why wouldn't you? I guess I'm just leaving this here as an introduction or a "heads up" if you will, of what's to come. I hope you enjoy the look and happy Wednesday! 

Top: Lovely Boutique | Shorts: Forever 21 | Shoes: DSW

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