Friday, January 18, 2019

Stay Fierce Always

As soon as I put this outfit on, I immediately felt cute. I felt strong, and I felt fierce; ready to take on the new year full force and attempt to reach goals I've only dreamed of reaching. I hope this momentum stays and lasts throughout the year because I feel like with this attitude of mine, anything is possible and within reach. These pictures are probably my favorite of all the ones I've ever taken and not because they're good but because the style of them is how I want to personify myself. The way I am smiling in the photos is exactly how I want people to see and identify me with. This is the kind of energy I'm bringing this year and this is the kind of energy I want you to have this year. Remember to always be yourself and always stay true to living a life true to your own, NOT of what's expected of you but what you truly want to do. 

I hope this outfit inspires you to experiment, layer, venture out, and most importantly love what you're wearing! Happy Enjoy the post and happy Friday!

Dress: Nasty Gal | Shirt: Nasty Gal | Belt Bag: Boohoo | Shoes: Boohoo 

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