Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Fresh Start

First blog post of the new year, woo hoo! As a fresh start for the year 2019 I would like for my blog posts to have a little bit more meaning. I mean, sure I want to describe the outfit I'm wearing but I also want to add more substance to prove that yes, indeed I can talk about other things than just clothes. Normally my favorite color is red but yellow has been standing out to me lately. I looked up the meaning of yellow and it had so many positive meanings; positivity included. So for this outfit I'd like for it to symbolize a fresh start for this new year. Last year I worked HARD on my blog and kept consistent and now I just want to go even harder and continue being consistent. When you keep working hard at something continuously, your results are bound to happen. And that's what I'm going to keep telling myself! So here's to a new year with new opportunities and new moments to make myself prouder and happier. Happy Wednesday! 

Top: Target | Jeans: Thrifted | Vest: Thrifted | Booties: DSW | Hat: Target

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