Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Work of Art

Let's face it, the woman body is a work of art. I am proud to be a woman because of what I bring to this world. I bring kindness, my gentle empathetic touch, love, my curves, and everything in between. Us woman are pretty powerful! And I loved this t-shirt dress for that reason because to me, it encompasses the true beautiful form of the woman's body. Soft and curvy. That's not to say we're all the same shape and size because we are definitely not but we are pretty amazing when we look at ourselves in the mirror. When's the last time you stared at yourself in the mirror and loved what you saw? Do yourself a favor and do it, and tell yourself three things you love. I promise you you'll find new ways to love yourself. Would you rock this dress? Let me know! Enjoy the look!

Jacket: Target | Dress: Boohoo | Converse: Amazon | Sunnies: Flea Market

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