Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Jean Jumpsuit

I'm such a sucker for jumpsuits! If there's a print of something in a dress form, I could be like "eh" about it but if I go and see it in a jumpsuit version, I'M ALL OVER IT. I don't know why! (okay maybe I just like the fit of a jumpsuit) And maybe I just prefer that it's a whole outfit in one. So I spotted this jean one at my fave place ever (Target!) in the sale section and immediately snagged it. At first my mom said I looked like a mechanic, but I was like pshhh.. a chic mechanic! I wanted to wear it differently and add something to it, so I paired the top underneath it for a pop and belted the waist to give it more shape. What do we think? Are we loving the mechanic vibes? Enjoy the look!

Jumpsuit: Target | Top: Target | Heels: Miss Lola | Belt: Gucci

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  1. AGREEED! i love jumpsuits and i also love denim. this can pair well with anythaaang!!! so into it!


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