Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fall Feels

The brown color family always gives me the Fall feels. From tan, to rust, even cheetah print, GIVE IT ALL TO ME! Rust orange is my fave and it's no secret that I'll be wearing it as often as I can. I love layering and wish that I could do it more but only get as far as a top under a dress as that's what California weather permits. Either way I love how the rust color top really plays well against the cheetah print of this dress. I finally pulled out a new hat for Fall and of course had to do brown! The black mules add a nice clean touch at the bottom, don't ya think?! Oh, and they're super comfy too! Enjoy the look!

Top: Zara | Dress: Target | Shoes: Target | Hat: Target

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  1. yesss. i’m also super into browns/neutrals and warm colors! it always gets me in the fall vibe!!


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