Friday, September 14, 2018

Hats Off

Hats off because it’s Friday! I feel like we can slowly transition into fall. And when I mean slow, I mean slowwwww. This cute dress has all the cute fall colors but it’s still appropriate to wear since it’s still hot outside. Of course, we’re all obsessing over the button trend and this one makes the cut! When it starts to cool down, you can definitely pair it with some booties and a jean jacket over; versatility is key! I hope you enjoy the look and happy Friday! 

Dress: Target || Hat: Target || Shoes: Boohoo

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  1. Lovely dress and your attitude is amazing. Keep having fun and stay fashionable!

  2. you know I'm about a good pun/play on words so I love the name of this blog post LOL

    I love the dress on you!

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