Saturday, September 29, 2018

No Fashion Rules

Pretty sure everyone keeps talking about the "no white after Labor Day" rule. But in my opinion, that rule is super outlived and times have changed. I feel like there are really no rules to fashion; your style is called personal style for a reason. You dress according to your rules and your liking and there isn't anyone that can tell you otherwise. If I throw something on and I'm digging it, I'm wearing it. I'd like to say my fashion has evolved overtime and yes as I grow older, my likes change but my beliefs don't so much. So here's a white outfit after Labor Day, me enjoying this Sunny weather, and not giving in to anyone's rules. Happy Friday!

Romper: H&M (old) | Belt: Gucci | Shoes: DSW | Bag: Amazon

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Overall Ready

Tis the season to dress warmer but when you live in a sunny state, the sun says otherwise. It's not quite yet fall season in my book; it's more like "wear warm clothes and pretend it's Fall while you're actually overheating." A girl can pretend though right? That is why we're compromising here my friends. Pinstripe overalls with sock booties are total fall vibes but compromising in the sense that I opted for an off the shoulder top so I'm not burning up. I loveeeddd the way this outfit came out. The colors work so well together and I love the pattern mix up. What do you think?! Enjoy the look!

Overalls: Target | Top: Boohoo | Booties: Steve Madden

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Motivation Monday


Happy Monday! If you're feeling down or feel like giving up, I hope this leaves you feeling positive and inspired to conquer another week. Remember, it's a good day to have a good day! Let's have a good week! 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Yellow Blossom

The good ol' gingham strikes again. I absolutely loved this top for its tie up bow straps on the top, so super cute! Also, yellow is my second favorite color and I love the yellow flowers in it. I decided to make this a cute lil' outfit, very feminine. I paired it with a jean skirt for a base and added my fave platform sandals. I bought this fanny pack (my new baby) out to play and love it! A straw fanny pack?! Yes please! Topped it off with a red lip for a pop and I was good to go. Enjoy the look and happy Friday!

Top: Shein | Skirt: Target | Shoes: Boohoo | Bag: Amazon

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