Wednesday, July 25, 2018

She's Got The World At Her Feet

I honestly came here to challenge myself. I wanted a different type of scenery for a change and I wanted to challenge the blogger in me to make this work somehow someway. I'm so glad I did this because not only did the pictures come out amazing but I got to witness something so awesome that I've never witnessed before. The fact that these are nature made and it's something out of a movie, like WOW. The pictures don't do it justice and I'm just here to show the beauty in it. Sometimes we need a change in routine to remind us why we start or why we do the things we do; a recollection of your thoughts if you will. These sand dunes did just that. They had me recollect myself and reminded me that the world is mine if I choose it to be. Enjoy!

Dress: Target

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  1. these are gorgeous photos! they look magical, like a dream


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