Friday, July 6, 2018

My Fave Club

The irony of this #ootd is that I did in fact wear a bra with this outfit; even though my shirt says no bra club. Let me just verify that YES, I'd prefer to let the girls free always but in a white tee I didn't want to go shocking everyone. (Ya know how that goes!) I think I've found the good balance between casual yet chic. Shorts and tee equals casual but when you add some cute heeled sandals, it equals chic! I loved this outfit and definitely would wear something like this more often. I felt comfy and casual but still like I had my life together. The pops of yellow and red really help bring the outfit to life. Don't ya think?! Enjoy the look and happy Friday!

Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: H&M | Sandals: Forever 21 | Hair wrap: H&M

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  1. loooove this! i have those sandals in white and they’re the best for every outfit

  2. Beautiful outfit!!


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