Friday, April 6, 2018

Toes In The Sand

I'm totally vowing myself to take more beach trips this Summer. I'm guilty of living so close yet not making the trip. I forget how gorgeous the beach is and how tan it makes me (which is a plus.) I'm just now realizing that I'm wearing a jumpsuit twice on the blog this week, but can you blame me? One piece of clothing makes the entire outfit. So simple and easy! I got this one at Target sometime ago and I loved how it was off the shoulder, my fave. So here I am getting my feet wet, enjoying myself at the beach. Although I do prefer doing it in a bikini. That's yet to come! Enjoy the look!

Jumpsuit: Target

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  1. such a pretty beach shoot! loving the bohemian flowy vibes

  2. This whole shoot is beautiful!!


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