Friday, February 9, 2018

Lady in Red

Ahhhh... alas, the day of love is creeping up on us. It's like pink and red are all over the place and let me be the first to tell you I don't feel one bit guilty or extra because red is and will always be my fave color! So if I had plans for Valentine's Day, you catch me wearing red for sure. Let me just say how awesome it is that I got this dress all tangled in a clearance hanger at TJ Maxx for only $25!! MAJOR STEAL! I swear I love that place. With the special day coming up it was perfect. This dress is definitely good enough for a fancy dinner or a more quiet date night. Paired it with some cute heels and topped it with a leather jacket to let everyone know I'm still a bad ass. Enjoy the look!

Dress: TJ Maxx | Jacket: H&M | Heels: Rhapsodielle

Photography by: @Photobylesnolie

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