Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cold Front

Not gonna lie, I know sometimes I say I wish for colder weather once in awhile.. but this LA cold front has got to go! It's below 60 degrees and the anemic in me is freezing! I can't do that, I love the warmth of the sun. What do I do when I feel like it's cold?! I wear a chunky oversized sweater dress, some over the knee boots, and try and deal with the cool. This is how we do it in LA at least. This sweater is totally from Zara but I got it thrifted and it was a total score! (I have to go again.) I decided to cinch my waist with a belt to add some shape. The boots are just a must during "winter". How are you enjoying the cold weather? Enjoy the look!

Sweater: Thrifted | Belt: Target | Boots: Forever 21

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  1. what a perfect outfit for a little cold front! definitely going to steal this look when miami gets a cold front (while probably won't be for a few months LOL). love the high boots and the belt matching girl!! killin it <3

  2. Good pictures, have a good day


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