Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Lovely Look turns 4


Just wow. I can't believe that my blog is now 4 years old. I had no idea what I was getting myself into let alone doing when I started, I just know that I wanted to do this and I wanted to share my fashion sense. I guess that's the most important part right? Is that I started?! As with anything you want to do, getting started is the first step and I'm glad I did that. With starting a blog I've gained a lot more confidence in myself, my creativity, knowledge of how to grow your brand (business), and I've been able to share my creativity with others in hope of inspiring them and helping them. My blog is now not only about fashion, but it's about beauty, lifestyle tips, motivation and inspiration, personal; almost like a journal. 

I made a promise to myself last year to stay consistent and really stick with this, AND I DID. I'm proud of that. If you know about blogging you know that a lot of this takes time, energy, and a lot of work/planning. Although I'm nowhere near where I want to be (I'm shooting for the stars), I'm that much closer and I'll never give up. I know that I can look back and see that I've grown as a person and as a blogger. To me, that's what matters most.  

My goals vary when it comes with what I want to do next. I obviously want to continue creating. I want to keep this platform open and give it different angles. I want to continue growing my blog as well as my YouTube channel and stay myself. I never want to lose sight of who I am as a person and I want to remain relatable to my readers. Relatability is my most important factor because it gives those the feeling of, I am just like them and that's what I want the most; for you to know that we are similar and you TOO can dress cute, slay and save money, and be whoever it is you want to be! Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to!

So, THANK YOU. Thank you to those who continuously read my posts; without you I wouldn't have an audience. Thank you to those who have helped me create; without you I wouldn't have been as successful. Thank you to those who have pushed me to never give up even when I surely wanted to. Thank you to those who constantly tell me that you believe me because without you, I wouldn't believe in myself sometimes. Just, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much your continuous support means to me and how your support keeps my passion growing and thriving.

Rather than doing a fancy celebration blog post, I wanted to do something more natural; to show you myself in my natural state. Yes, I take lots of outfit pictures but I also chill in my PJs a lot as well. Most of the creation of this blog, work, and the writing comes from me being in my comfort place. So here I am, in my PJs with my favorite hot drink ever (hot chocolate with extra whip cream), celebrating my consistency, my blog, myself, and everything else in between for reaching a milestone.



  1. So so so exciting to be seeing your blog in year 4! Girl those pillows are SO you! I love them haha. Congrats ! Can’t wait To see what you bring in the next year

  2. Congrats and great work Mz karina, such an achievement !!

  3. congratulations on your FOUR YEAR blogaversary!! you are definitely ahead of the game, I started mine in august of 2015 and I know how hard it is to work at it, so good for you for being at it for so long and staying so consistent. also... these pictures are too adorable and now I'm craving whipped cream LOL <3 can't wait to see what's to come this next year!!


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