Monday, December 11, 2017

Motivation Monday

If there's anything this world needs more of, it's support. The best thing you can give someone is your support; your support means you believe in them, and you're there to push them when you need pushing. Be supportive to others as though you want them to be supportive of you. We need less competing and more support of each other. Trust me when I say that there is enough success to go around and we don't have to fight each other for it. Sometimes we all just need a little push. And sure, we can be our own support system and motivate ourselves but sometimes, we can fall short and that is where friends and family can come in to help.
Ask yourself, are you supportive? Are you showing your friends and family motivation and pushing them to move forward in whatever it is they are aspiring after? If the answer is no, then be supportive! The feeling of having a cheer team behind you backing you up when you need it makes a person ten times more likely to accomplish their goals. The feeling of knowing that there are others who believe in you when you don't believe in yourself sometimes, make you want to push harder. So give your support to that one friend or family member who needs it. They're already struggling to make others believe in them, they don't need you to add to the list. Be supportive, show support, show interest, be motivating, and let them know that you're rooting for them. We can all root for each other and still succeed ourselves. Give support and love! Be selfless rather than selfish.


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