Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rustic Chill

Temperatures are dwindling down and woo hoo, we're getting an extra hour of sleep starting tomorrow! I know I've said that Summer is my favorite season but now I'm starting to think that it may be tied between that and Fall. When you live in So Cal, Summer lasts more than 3 months so anything below 80 degrees is almost like a miracle and I enjoy it! One, because I don't sweat as much and two, I get to wear cute and cozy, fall clothes! I went pretty simple here and brought out my fave fall color; mustard. Kept the casual but not too plain with the distressed jeans and added some edge with the docs. I'm not one to dress in jeans and a plain shirt sometimes but when I do and I succeed, I'm proud. Enjoy the look!

Top: Boohoo | Kimono: Forever 21 | Pants: Thrifted | Boots: Dr. Martens
Photography by: @Photobylesnolie

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  1. i have a similar blazer and have totally styled it just like this!! i love the look girl

  2. The color of the kimono pops lovely off your lighter tones! Super lovely!

    Paulo Paradox |


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