Friday, November 17, 2017

Pumpkin Spice

I've actually never tried pumpkin spice flavor of ANYTHING but, my outfit looks like the epitome of Autumn and all the pumpkin spice it has to offer so we're just going to roll with it. This shirt is another come up from TJ Maxx ($7!) and I honestly love it. Going to the clearance section of TJ Maxx and coming across cute finds is becoming a fave past time of mine. These cute floral overalls are from Target last year and I love how the color of this top pops them out. If I wasn't already full of Fall colors, I added my otk boots from Forever 21 to be just a bit more extra. Enjoy the look!

Shirt: TJ Maxx | Overalls: Target | Boots: Forever 21
Photography by: @Photobylesnolie

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  1. Great inspirations :)


  2. Those overalls are on point! I always enjoy checking out your new outfits!

    Paulo Paradox |

  3. giiiirl you ARE a PSL!!! i love this color on you

  4. The layering on this look is so point girl! Hahaha like YASH said you ARE a PSL! pretty Sexy Looking LOL


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