Monday, October 9, 2017

Motivation Monday

There's plenty of words to describe the word confidence. Some might think of being confident in oneself. Or feeling confident in something or someone that goes hand and hand with trusting in them. Feeling confident with yourself means that you have self love towards yourself or your own abilities to do something. You are confident that you can get things done, or you are a confident being that almost nothing scares you. If you're confident in yourself, kudos to you! It's taken me a whole while to finally be confident with my own body enough to not give two f*cks about what others think, and it's taken me a long time to be confident with my own being to not let anyone's perception or opinion of me get to me.
With that kind of confidence comes the notion that you can do anything you set your mind to; as it is true! Whatever you want in life, you can have. If you're confident in yourself, you know that you'll get it done and at all costs it'll be achieved! But don't get confused with thinking that you will never mess up. With trials come tribulations. With lessons come mistakes. You have to know that as long as your mind is set nothing will stop you but that doesn't mean that you're going to struggle. Nothing worth having comes easy! It's going to take work but if you believe in yourself and are unstoppable, you'll get there. You're going to fail, but you're also going to achieve and win; and that's what matters most.
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  1. I feel like you really embody confidence in such a beautiful way!! so this is def you :)

  2. I saw The Gray Layers tweet the other day and say "self love is so in" and I couldn't agree more. We should be praising each other for loving ourself and being confident in theirselves. I love it!

  3. Every time I read your motivational Monday I feel completely inspired! Needed to read this today ❤️

    Santina |


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