Monday, October 30, 2017

Motivation Monday

If you're anything like any other human being on this planet then you probably have this feeling of inadequacy when it comes to your life. Or at least sometimes. The feeling of not being where you want to be nudges at you, makes you feel like you've fallen short of your "5 year plan." The stress that comes from society that is put on us is actually what makes us feel this way and it's about damn time we stop worrying about what society thinks of us. You have to remember that you are where you're supposed to be in life. Not a minute sooner and not a minute later. All the people, places, and experiences you've come across were meant to lead you here. Don't feel for any second that you've failed because you haven't; you're just living and you're doing the best you can.
Give yourself the credit that you deserve. Pat yourself on the freakin back and realize that you've come pretty far. The fact that you're constantly questioning whether or not you could be doing more says a lot about you as a person; you're not one to settle or get comfortable. Your constant wonder if you're doing enough is another example of you being a go getter and wanting more. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to accomplish and achieve everything today. Things take time, and great lives take a life to make! Appreciate how far you've come, express gratitude for getting out of the funks you've been in, and show up for yourself. There is no such thing as "where you're supposed to be". Your plan is your plan and it's master is you.
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  1. Appreciating everything that is sincerely means to include the people that really go through life falling and getting back up every day. Its a true struggle to know that what we want our lifes to look like in the future would only mean for us to work that much harder. And not giving up mean you will Always end up where your auppose to be. Because theires no telling how far your Hustle and Passion will lead and take you. The question is do you know how Powerful you truly are. Remember that people notive you hard work and consistancy of potential and thats enough to say job well done. We never will fall deep enouhh to stay down, through Faith we all shall find a way to get rite back up and realize our falls were meant to happen and its exactly where suppose to be in life. Thats why understanding the outcome means you allow Life to take its place and make your image exactly how it was meant to look like! P.S. pat yourself on the back Karina, should be proud how far you've come. Because ive witnessed your true image in success.

  2. this is so true and really important to remember!!! i love it

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