Monday, October 2, 2017

Motivation Monday

Don't ask me why but now and days, in our generation, I feel like we're being rushed. We're being rushed to figure out what to do with our lives, rushed to get married, settle down and have kids, rushed to finish school and have a career, and the list goes on. I don't know about you but this stresses me out! Times have changed and I feel like things aren't as easy as they once were. Most importantly, I feel like us millennials need to understand that and slow the f*ck down; chill out and realize that good things take time. When you rush, you'r not all there. When you take your time, you're really giving it your all and you're much more clear about your intentions and effort.
TAKE YOUR TIME. Always. Never let the pressure of what you're "supposed" to be doing deter you from your focus. Don't let society pressure you. Figure yourself out, figure shit out, and take it day by day. Like the old saying goes, 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and neither will your life. Living means to be present. Being present is what allows you to enjoy yourself. Enjoy the experiences of your life like you're supposed to, it's the only way you're going to learn. To experience requires time; trial and error. Don't rush the process but stay focused. You'll get to where you're supposed to be on God's timing. Your plan is your plan and what's for you will always be for you, no need to compete or rush. Keep your focus on your plan and work towards it, you'll get there when you're supposed to.

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