Friday, September 1, 2017

Summer Farewell

It's kinda hard for me to admit but I rarely visited the beach this Summer; make that never. I know, I'm a bad Californian but I guess it just wasn't in the books for me this time around. However to make up for it, I decided to do an "end of the Summer" shoot on the beach! If you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram then you see how much time I spend at the gym. So this is also my way of shamelessly showing off my hard work. The month of August is on its last days and everyone is going back to school and coming back from vacation, dreading themselves back to work. So let's cheer up with these photos and prepare ourselves for a great Fall season. (Although, we'll probably have another month of hot weather, not even going to lie.) But can you believe I got both these bathing suit pieces at Target on sale?! Yes girl, steal! Now is the best time to be buying your bathing suit because hello, SALE! Go ahead and thank me later. Enjoy the post!

Bathing Suit Top: Target | Bathing Suit Bottom: Target | Hat: Target
Photography by: @Stefaniemmariee

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  1. Definitely gonna miss my favorite season! You look fabulous btw!

    Paulo Paradox |

  2. ummm okay i love these photos girl. you're looking sooooo good!!!! and really cute bathing suit!!!

  3. Love the bathing suit! I barely went to the beach either lol

  4. UH #bodygoals!! I love this green color on you!



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