Monday, September 18, 2017

Motivation Monday

One of the major keys to life and happiness is learning how to face the inconveniences and not allow them to turn into obstacles. Once you learn and realize that not everything deserves a major reaction from you, you've mastered your energy. Once you master your energy, you're allowing yourself the ability to put it towards more useful situations. When a problem occurs in your life it's easy to want to focus on it, get mad about it, let it consume your day, and get super upset at something like this is happening to you. I used to let minor problems take over my happiness and it consumed my day. But once I started to learn that problems come and go, they're here to teach us something, they don't stay forever and there's ALWAYS a solution, I was able to master my reactions into positive ones.
The more attention you give your problems, the more problems you'll attract in your life. (law of attraction.) But the more you focus on possibilities, solutions, ways to get out of your rut, the more you will see that there is tons of opportunities waiting for you. Your job is to focus on the positive and at times that might seem hard when you feel let down, or you feel like you don't deserve what you're going through. But let me be the one to tell you that a lot of things happen for a reason, if not ALL of them. They keep us on track for what's next and we are supposed to go through certain things to get us to the next triumph. Focus on solutions, things you can do to fix your problem or make it go away and you'll come up with tons of opportunities that will benefit you. The more positive you seek and think, the more you will bring.

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  1. i love this whole
    post! i'm all about positivity and attracting good things with positive energy.


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