Friday, August 25, 2017

Tacos n Miches #MeetandEat

Attention all taco and Michelada lovers, your #tacotuesday dreams have come true and they come in the name of Tacos n Miches in Whittier, California. If you don't know what a michelada is then gurrrl, you need to try one! It's basically a Mexican beer that's mixed with some spicy goodness and sometimes tomato juice. I rarely drink and I don't like beer at all but I'll only tolerate it when it's in a michelada; and that's because of the chili rim *mouth waters* -- Anyway! Back to the goodness you see in these pictures.. I had never been invited to a "blogger tasting" but when the owner of Tacos n Miches, Juan, invited me to try his restaurant and I seen that it had micheladas, I WAS IN! 

I'm not even going to sugar coat it or anything, and I would never lie either but...THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING! It's definitely a hole in the wall type deal and I honestly don't know why it's not as big as it is because the taste of everything exceeded my expectations. I legit already want to go back and it's only been a week. One, they have different flavored micheladas (unheard of!), two, they have hot cheat elotes (which taste like they came right off the elote man's cart), and three, their speciality tacos are something I've never had before in my life!

I tried the Cheesy Taco which consists of your choice of meat and on the bottom is an added layer or tortilla along with cheese. I also had the Cali Taco which is your choice of two meats, I had the al pastor and chorizo con papa, and it's topped off with pico de Gallo and fries (the works!) Trust me, the food tastes as good as it looks. So go ahead and bless your taste buds and give this place a try! They're located on 11125 S First Ave, Whittier, CA 90603. Thank me later! Enjoy the pics but be careful not to drool.

Left: Pepino Michelada | Right: Watermelon Michelada
Hot Cheetos Elote
Left: Cali Taco | Right: Cheesy Taco

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  1. okay this all looks delicious!!!! dying for that drink right now!

  2. This looks incredible. I'm gonna make my way to cali to visit you and eat our way through LA!


  3. Omg those look delicious and also this post is making me so hungry! I need to try these out!


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