Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Color Pop

I love color, can you tell? It's very rare that I'm wearing a dark tone outfit and that's because I enjoy all the colors the world has to offer. The more colorful my palette, the happier I am. That's probably why I love Summer because I can wear all kinds of colors and it looks appropriate. I've been dying to get a skirt like this for so long that I was almost going to make it myself (DIY) because I couldn't find any just right. Thankful I'm obsessed with Boohoo and their 50% sales because I found this one and it was a deal! I love that it fits my curves exactly how I want it to. I kept the outfit fresh with of course another off the shoulder top and some cute sandals I scored at a sample sale! If you haven't gone sample sale shopping, I highly recommend you do! (Thank me later.) Enjoy the look!

Top: | Skirt: | Sandals: Joie via Sample Sale


  1. omg this outfit!!! i love the skirt 😍😍

  2. Beautiful outfit and lovely post!

    Santina |

  3. Girl!!! You seriously find the best sales af Boohoo! That skirt is so freaking cute! And so trendy.


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