Friday, August 18, 2017

Crop Top Casual

Summer is coming to an end and although most of us are sad that school's starting, the beaches are becoming empty, and the fall clothing inspo is starting roll out. But here in Southern California we still got about another two months of hot weather. We can basically say the crop tops and cooler clothes are here to stay for a little bit longer. I typically don't wear jeans in my #ootd only because I feel like it's too casual. BUT look at me..trying something new and making these jeans work for more than casual for me. These boyfriend jeans have always been a favorite of mine and I thought it would be nice to pair them with a cute crop top along with some nice slides. To add extra, I went for the straw hat as per usual. Enjoy the look!

Top: Rhapsodielle | Jeans: H&M | Hat: Target | Shoes: Joie

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Going Green for Summer

I'm obsessed with trying colors out of my normal range and this pretty green is no exception!  How come no one brought this green to my attention sooner?! Thanks to Bold Boutique I received the perfect Summer dress with all the cutest cut outs and slits. It kept me airy and feeling fresh on this very hot Summer day. Not to mention it goes with just about everything, including a day for brunch! I love the floral print and I love how the back details just give it that extra oomph. I paired it with my fave wedges at the moment and a small but cute bag to keep the focus on the dress. If you stop by Bold Boutique go ahead and use code: First for 20% off your first order! I hope you enjoy the look!

Dress: c/o Bold Boutique | Wedges: Steve Madden via DSW | Bag: Thrifted

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Motivation Monday

It's not secret that what you end up receiving in life is an ultimate indication of what you've been giving. If the majority of your time has been solely you trying to receive from others and you seeing what you can get out of something or someone, you're doing it all wrong. It may work for you in the beginning but let's not forget how the law of attraction works and how eventually it'll all catch up to you. Despite our unwillingness to be vulnerable and be extra giving, it's something we should definitely practice. My thought process on it is, if I give too much, I'll end up being rewarded anyway (whether I am jaded or not.) And if I choose not to give enough simply because I think someone doesn't deserve it or I am afraid, I'll end up losing and getting that same treatment back.
You see, we need more people who aren't afraid to give it their all. We have too many hard hearts out there let's change it up. If you want something in your life, you have to be deserving of it. It doesn't just appear in your life because you want it. You have to show the universe why you deserve it and works towards it in the way that you would earn it. You have to give to receive. And as hypocritical as it sounds, you can't give with the thought in mind of what you're going to get in return, you have to give because it's what's needed and it's what's right. Give because the world needs more of it and because eventually, you'll receive what you deserve because of how selflessly giving you've been. You'll only get what you put forth.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

So Subtle

When I was a couple years younger I used to hate wearing sunglasses because I honestly felt stupid wearing them. I didn't understand the concept and thought to myself that I looked foolish with shades on; true story! Fast forward to today and your girl is officially starting a collection of all sorts of shades. Including these cute ones from Sunglassup! This was yet another casual summer outfit that I wore to eat lunch with my friend this past Sunday. You know that you have to wear a dress for lunch to give yourself enough space for your food baby to breathe. (At least that's what I do, haha!) It's a subtle nude color so I opted for black accessories. The sunnies gave it the perfect pop of green and I loved it! If you wanna get some for yourself go ahead and use the code: KARINA15 for a discount! Enjoy the look!

Dress: TJ Maxx | Sandals: H&M | Hat: Boohoo | Sunnies: c/o Sunglassup

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