Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Blushin' In LA

Yes, I like to dress girly and be extra feminine sometimes but I also like my street style side as well. I'm a woman of many styles and talents. One thing that I've always had a niche or liking for is sneakers. Ever since I was younger, I loved me some fresh white kicks. These Reebok shoes are right up my alley! The fresh white leather and the gum sole are exactly what I love in a good shoe. It's easy to go for your typical jeans and sneakers outfit when wearing shoes like these so I decided to challenge myself and figure out a way to wear these without feeling too casual. Low and behold, pair 'em with a dress! I love mixing different styles and pulling them together to create something from the best of both worlds. Not only is this dress feminine with it's blush color, the shoes add comfort but appeal to those who enjoy fresh kicks. Enjoy my twist on street style!

Dress: c/o Simple Retro | Tee: Boohoo | Shoes: c/o Reebok

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*I was given the Reeboks in exchange for a blog post review. However, all content related to the post and product are my honest and true opinion. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Motivation Monday

If you were able to just go ahead and be doing whatever it is that you ultimately desired to do, would it be what you're choosing to do right now with your life? Thought provoking, I know. You see, if you're not enjoying what you're doing right now, why are you doing? Comfortability? It's easy? I'm telling you right now that you can't settle. And secondly, don't you dare sell yourself short thinking that what you dream about isn't possible. You should know by now that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Especially if you believe it to be. If you feel like there's no one standing behind you to push you or necessarily believe in you, that's okay! Start with yourself and you be your own cheerleader. You push yourself and cheer yourself on. The motivation part begins with you.
I don't think I can nor will I ever allow myself to live mediocre; and I mean that in the best sense possible. I'm not stating that I live this grand life but I sure do live a life that I can say I'm proud of. I go after things that I want and I try for what I want against the odds. I have big dreams and I'm definitely a big dreamer. I will never allow myself or someone else to dim my light just because they feel like what I want to aspire to be is "unconventional" or not what they think I should do. GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT! You live your life for yourself and nobody else so don't let anyone's opinions dictate or influence your dreams. You'll get a lot further in life when you go after what you want. You know why? Because you're aspiration will be fueled by the fire stemmed from your passion. When you have a dream, you have passion. With both, you're unstoppable. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Tacos n Miches #MeetandEat

Attention all taco and Michelada lovers, your #tacotuesday dreams have come true and they come in the name of Tacos n Miches in Whittier, California. If you don't know what a michelada is then gurrrl, you need to try one! It's basically a Mexican beer that's mixed with some spicy goodness and sometimes tomato juice. I rarely drink and I don't like beer at all but I'll only tolerate it when it's in a michelada; and that's because of the chili rim *mouth waters* -- Anyway! Back to the goodness you see in these pictures.. I had never been invited to a "blogger tasting" but when the owner of Tacos n Miches, Juan, invited me to try his restaurant and I seen that it had micheladas, I WAS IN! 

I'm not even going to sugar coat it or anything, and I would never lie either but...THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING! It's definitely a hole in the wall type deal and I honestly don't know why it's not as big as it is because the taste of everything exceeded my expectations. I legit already want to go back and it's only been a week. One, they have different flavored micheladas (unheard of!), two, they have hot cheat elotes (which taste like they came right off the elote man's cart), and three, their speciality tacos are something I've never had before in my life!

I tried the Cheesy Taco which consists of your choice of meat and on the bottom is an added layer or tortilla along with cheese. I also had the Cali Taco which is your choice of two meats, I had the al pastor and chorizo con papa, and it's topped off with pico de Gallo and fries (the works!) Trust me, the food tastes as good as it looks. So go ahead and bless your taste buds and give this place a try! They're located on 11125 S First Ave, Whittier, CA 90603. Thank me later! Enjoy the pics but be careful not to drool.

Left: Pepino Michelada | Right: Watermelon Michelada
Hot Cheetos Elote
Left: Cali Taco | Right: Cheesy Taco

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pre Fall

Everyone is returning to school and regular work schedules and it's like us as bloggers can't help but excited for the Fall season and all the fashion trends to come. Sorry, but we're all pretty tired of the scorching days, we want mustard colored turtlenecks and army green pants! So here I am, kinda slowly transitioning into Fall wear. Key word trying as it's still hot as hell outside. This black (*gasp*, I'm actually wearing black) dress is from Boohoo and although it's black, it's not plain to me as it has some cute print detailing on it! I paired it with my new newsboy hat, also from Boohoo and did the pop of red with these cute sandals from Target. Enjoy the look!

Dress: Boohoo | Hat: Boohoo | Heels: Target 

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