Monday, July 31, 2017

Motivation Monday

Today's Monday and naturally it's your reminder to get it for the week! It's a way to refresh, restart, and accomplish goals. There's something you've been meaning to do but you've been putting off well I'm here to tell you to DO IT. Stop being afraid and stop keeping yourself from trying new things just because of the unknown or what ifs. Life will always be filled with what ifs but you know what? I'd rather live a life of do's and failures than "what ifs". I've always been the type of person that when I want to try something, I do it. Not only to push myself but because I know that if I don't try it, I will always kick myself later for not doing so. I can never imagine my life full of "what if I did that" or "I wonder what would've happened if I did this." Could you imagine my regret?
You see, courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Being courageous doesn't necessarily mean you NEVER get afraid because let's face it, we ALL fear something; whether we like to admit it or not. When you're courageous it means that despite the adversity and the odds, you still reach for something. You'll still try and let fate take its course. You don't let fear stop you because you know if you did, it would hinder so many opportunities for you. Fear is an illusion in our head that keeps us in a safe zone. Sure, safe zones are good but don't you dare let yourself stay there too long. Try it and try it all so that you know you did everything you could. Failure will happen but you know what else will happen? Success!


  1. Omg girl this is SO good! I woke up today in such a down mood worrying over so many things that I can't control and I know I'm doing the best I can - but like you said. I don't want to live a life of what if this or what odnthat. This Monday post hit the sport girl

  2. i love this!!! and i agree, you can't let comfort or safe zones stop you from moving forward and taking the risks, because that's what gets you the reward!

  3. This is soo good hun! Taking risk is what it's all about🙌🏼 Taking that step forward.


  4. It looks like that you had best time on this Monday. Whats your plan to do till this weekend?

  5. Oh Yas girl! positivity is the key!!

  6. Taking that step forward is what this and I'm all about!! Pushing yourself, lovely post!!

    Santina |

  7. Going on vacation has really helped me get me my goals back in the front of my mind and helped me come up with new goals! Lovely post as usual, Karina!



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