Monday, July 17, 2017

Motivation Monday

Let me start off by asking you, "Have you set yourself some goals for this week?" Whether it be chores, things you've been putting off to be done, or actual goals that you've been wanting to achieve, have you? I ask this because I, too am guilty of continuously putting off things out of pure laziness or something fear. But to be honest, I know it in myself that the longer I do, the more I hinder myself of the possibilities that can arise from actually doing what needs to be done. Is there something that you've been wanting to do but for some reason you keep finding every excuse in the book to not try it? You're probably thinking yes in your head so I'm here to tell you to stop thinking and start doing.
How long are you going to allow that idea that you've had in your head for so long remain just that, an idea? It's time to stop fantasizing about your life and what could be and actually take some action! As long as you're moving, you're improving. But the longer you stay at a standstill and don't take that leap of faith or that first step, you're going to stay where you are. Dreams that turn into reality require constant work. Consistent work is what's going to get you moving. You can't just keep fantasizing in hopes that it'll happen. It'll require effort on your part to put it into reality. So today I challenge you to take action. Whatever it is that you need to accomplish, take the first step and get to it!


  1. I really love your motivational Monday blog posts Karina. I set goals every week and write down what I want to achieve!! (However sometimes I don't get round to it!)

    Santina |

  2. I'm so guilty of saying I'll write my goals down then I don't do it!! Ugh thank you writing about it!

  3. I was literally just thinking about my summer goals today and what I was going to do to achieve them. Someimes I put my goals off too but one of my goals it to keep chasing my dreams!! Working super hard on that one. Great post as usual, Karina.


  4. ugh yes girl! i've set some goals for myself and this was a good reminder to go and get them

  5. So good babe!! Love this reminder❤️👏
    Much love xoxo!
    Madelyn @madlystyled

  6. I'm also guilty of putting off the goals that I've set for the week for later! It's a mix of laziness and, as you said, fear of getting out there and tackling the task! Loved this post!


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