Monday, July 31, 2017

Motivation Monday

Today's Monday and naturally it's your reminder to get it for the week! It's a way to refresh, restart, and accomplish goals. There's something you've been meaning to do but you've been putting off well I'm here to tell you to DO IT. Stop being afraid and stop keeping yourself from trying new things just because of the unknown or what ifs. Life will always be filled with what ifs but you know what? I'd rather live a life of do's and failures than "what ifs". I've always been the type of person that when I want to try something, I do it. Not only to push myself but because I know that if I don't try it, I will always kick myself later for not doing so. I can never imagine my life full of "what if I did that" or "I wonder what would've happened if I did this." Could you imagine my regret?
You see, courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Being courageous doesn't necessarily mean you NEVER get afraid because let's face it, we ALL fear something; whether we like to admit it or not. When you're courageous it means that despite the adversity and the odds, you still reach for something. You'll still try and let fate take its course. You don't let fear stop you because you know if you did, it would hinder so many opportunities for you. Fear is an illusion in our head that keeps us in a safe zone. Sure, safe zones are good but don't you dare let yourself stay there too long. Try it and try it all so that you know you did everything you could. Failure will happen but you know what else will happen? Success!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Let's Groove

Jumpsuits are my jam and I can never get enough of them. Especially ones that fit my short frame perfectly; not having to get them tailored is a plus! This cute printed one from Lasula fits like a gem and is perfect for this Summer heat. One piece of clothing? Yes please! I honestly loved the 70's vibes it was giving me, the print and the color were just having me want to groove Austin Powers style. I paired the suit with these clogs that I've been wearing a bit too much of and threw on a couple of gold chains for extra grooves. An extra cinch at the waist with my trust belt helped create more of a silhouette. If you plan on snooping the site, don't forget to use KINA24 for a discount. Enjoy the look and happy Saturday!

Jumpsuit: c/o Lasula | Belt: Forever 21 | Shoes: TJ Maxx

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stripes & Shoulders

I hope you're not tired of seeing me in off the shoulder tops because I'm definitely not tired of wearing them. When the Summer is on and the temps are 90 degrees or higher, these are the only tops bearable to have on. I'm a fan of the rust color so I love how I contrasted this stripe top with the rustic shorts. My usual self would've went for a darker kind of shoe but I kept it in the neutral palette and went for my huaraches I got from Olvera Street. This outfit was a sure way to beat the heat. Enjoy the look!

Top: DD's Discounts | Shorts: Thrifted | Huaraches: Olvera Street

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Motivation Monday

Whenever I want to take a leap into something I've never done before, I get a bit nervous. (As I'm sure we all do.) But what causes these nerves? Probably the fact that I'm doing something out of my ordinary or just good ol' first time jitters. But how about the times that I retract myself because I'm scared? I fear failing or I fear making repeated mistakes. I don't want the same things to happen so I constantly think about them making myself more scared than what I need to be. What I've realized is that fear is really just a mere illusion. It's all in my head. I've made up plenty of scenarios where more than 90% of the time, it's not going to happen. But there goes my little crazy mind thinking away anyway. I know past experiences have me a little bit cautious but there's a difference between being cautious and keeping myself from things because I'm scared of making a mistake.
I've come to understand that mistakes are a part of the process. Mistakes are a part of life. Without mistakes how else are we going to learn? We're human not perfect and it's going to take some trial and error to figure some shit out. I can't let the fear of making mistakes stop me from growing. If I go on and take the chance, I'm growing; I'm allowing myself the experience to teach me whatever it is I need learning. Some mistakes are inevitable but I can't let it define me. I've made TONS of mistakes. But what's going to set me apart from the rest? My ability to continue on even after my failures. Mistakes are just a stepping stone in the right direction. More of a sign telling me "Wrong way, go this way." You did the deed, made the mistake, and now it's time to evaluate and make plans to start again with a different approach. Everyone makes mistakes! But it's how you pick yourself up after and use it to your advantage that matters.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I'm not going to lie, this outfit is kind of meant for Fall but it was also rather chilly this day so don't freak out; I swear I wasn't wearing this in 90 degree weather. I've never had something quite like this overall dress before so I challenged myself to get it and rock it (not to mention, I thought it was totally cute!) First thing I thought was to wear it with a turtleneck to keep it simple and let the dress be the focus. I cinched the waist with my trusty belt to add that boho vibe. Is it too soon to be bringing out the Fall trends? Because I know this color combo is going to be one. Let's just let this one slide and say I was going for warm tones and a semi warm day. Enjoy the look!

Overall Dress: Boohoo | Shirt: Boohoo | Shoes: Boohoo

Monday, July 17, 2017

Motivation Monday

Let me start off by asking you, "Have you set yourself some goals for this week?" Whether it be chores, things you've been putting off to be done, or actual goals that you've been wanting to achieve, have you? I ask this because I, too am guilty of continuously putting off things out of pure laziness or something fear. But to be honest, I know it in myself that the longer I do, the more I hinder myself of the possibilities that can arise from actually doing what needs to be done. Is there something that you've been wanting to do but for some reason you keep finding every excuse in the book to not try it? You're probably thinking yes in your head so I'm here to tell you to stop thinking and start doing.
How long are you going to allow that idea that you've had in your head for so long remain just that, an idea? It's time to stop fantasizing about your life and what could be and actually take some action! As long as you're moving, you're improving. But the longer you stay at a standstill and don't take that leap of faith or that first step, you're going to stay where you are. Dreams that turn into reality require constant work. Consistent work is what's going to get you moving. You can't just keep fantasizing in hopes that it'll happen. It'll require effort on your part to put it into reality. So today I challenge you to take action. Whatever it is that you need to accomplish, take the first step and get to it!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Dressed & Red-y

It's no secret that red is my favorite color and Target is my bae so it was a no brainer that this red dress from Target had to come home with me. I mean come on, the eyelet design on the hem AND the soft cotton material? Yes please! During this current heatwave that we're experiencing here in SoCal, dresses are a must. You also can't forget your hat to help keep your face from melting off. Sun hat, dress, and clog heels are a must for a Summer outfit. Enjoy the look!

Dress: Target | Shoes: TJ Maxx | Hat: Target

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