Monday, April 24, 2017

Motivation Monday

We're all guilty of it; saying not so nice things. We're put in a difficult situation or an uncomfortable one and instantly, the words start flying out without precaution. Sometimes we forget that what we speak we attract, and what we bring certain encounters to us based on the not so nice words we say. Whatever you put out, you get back. Of course there are times where we don't mean what we say and we say it out of spite or anger. But what we fail to realize is that sometimes, if we have nothing nice to say, we shouldn't say it at all. No matter how mad, angry, or hurt we are.
This definitely goes for all the words you speak. The ones you speak to yourself, to your family, friends, and everyone in between. Could you imagine how awful it would be to look at your skin and see all the negative words you said? I bet then we would really keep ourselves in check. You have to remember that everyone you come across is human, JUST LIKE YOU. They have feelings and they hurt just like you. It's not the best feeling when you get the short end of the stick, so why give it to someone? The energy you put into saying negative things could be used towards saying positive things. The amount of work is the same. So next time you feel like ranting, venting, speaking out of anger, check yourself. Ask yourself if these are words you would be okay with being on your skin for everyone to see.

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