Monday, April 10, 2017

Motivation Monday

The key to getting anything you want is to believe that you CAN actually achieve it. Seems easy right? This is probably something that is the hardest for us as people to grasp, and yet it seems so simple to do. You see, it's because there's this little voice in our head that sometimes fills us with doubt, fear, and everything else in between. And that little voice sometimes stops us from our greatest achievements. We're visual creatures and if we can't see something, it's hard to believe it's there. But I swear that once we overcome that little hump of doubt, and start believing in the unseen, we're onto some great things!
We're supposed to walk by faith; not by doubt. And a lot of times we doubt that we're actually ever going to get somewhere because of the time it's taking to get there. (I'm guilty of this too.) We have to realize that we can't focus on the time because that's going to pass anyway. Focus on your faith and focus on the fact that God has got you covered. He wants to see that you're faithful and ready for it. The only person that's stopping you from getting what you want is YOU. If you keep believing that it's never going to come then guess what, that's exactly what you're attracting. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. And lastly, believe that you deserve it! You'll only go as far as you allow yourself to believe. 

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