Monday, March 20, 2017

Motivation Monday

I had a very eventful Sunday last week which also lasted into Monday, which also made me miss writing last week's motivation post. Although it was an event of bad luck, I did learn from some things and it was definitely a beneficial lesson for me. Let me go ahead and sum it up for you...Last week I was shooting looks with a friend in the Arts District in Los Angeles and as I was going to my car to finally change into my outfit, I look around and my car is GONE. Wait a minute..where's my car? I could've sworn I left it parked here, is this a joke? Turns out it got towed away. Not even a full two hours there and my poor baby was swiped away like yesterday's trash. I was sad, mad, and also hurt (it's the sensitive Pisces in me.) because I felt like I didn't intentionally park it there thinking I could for free, it was an honest mistake. 

So now shooting my looks was a no go, I now had to pay $300 to take it out and find my way over there. Then I remember I left my purse in my trunk so now I have no money for food. I do remember though that I have Applepay so we're walking around DTLA looking for any place that accepts the "tap n go" and I'm talking blocks and blocks in the heat. I'm stressed out, hangry, and frustrated. Then reality hit me...As we're walking to find food, the gps on my phone makes us walk through Skid Row (for those of you who don't know what skid row is, it's basically and impoverished area of Los Angeles and rows of streets that are home to the homeless and less fortunate.) 
We're walking through blocks of people living in tents and waiting in a long line at a mission, which by the way, I've never seen before so you could imagine the surprise on my face. I'm totally smacked in the face with this reality and then realize why am I crying and complaining?! There are people here waiting in line to shower and eat at this homeless shelter, there are people here who would LOVE to even at least have a car, a phone, and I'm complaining because mine got towed? I am blessed to even have a phone, a place to call home, a shower to wash up in, I have a job, I mean, the list goes on. Sure, it's an inconvenience to have to pay so much but you know what? I have the money to pay! I'll earn it back again. It was then that I realized I had no room to complain about my first world problems. 

How dare I be so selfish? God had blessed me in many ways where now this problem seems like a minor issue. I honestly believe that it was God's purpose to get me to walk through there to see this. To open up my eyes and teach me a lesson. What I take for granted isn't promised. I'm so used to having things the way I do, that I forget that it's all a gift. Nothing is entitled to me and I am lucky to even live the way I do. So whenever something isn't going right, you have to remind yourself that you ARE in fact blessed and this is just a bump in the road. There are others out there in the world wishing they had what you had, so be grateful! We are lucky and tend to forget. 

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