Monday, February 27, 2017

Motivation Monday

You should never let your past dictate your future. I know, it's easier said than done and I am guilty of letting this happen. It's hard to go on in life and come across certain situations without some bit of your past creeping up on you; making you fearful that it'll happen again. But what I've learned is that this fear doesn't serve me. All it does is create more unrealistic scenarios in my head and takes me away from living and enjoying the moment in front of me. Sure, I've had some tough times that have made me super sad, mad, angry, and hurt, but you know what? I'm here, I've made it through even when I thought I couldn't and I'm better.
I've sad it plenty of times but I'll say it again; everything happens for a reason. All the situations we go through and everything that happens to us is for our own good. There's a learning lesson we get from every experience. Instead of dwelling on the past and how bad it was for you, learn from it. See it from a different angle and let it teach you something. Ever heard the saying "something will keep happening to you until you learn your lesson?" It's true. If you refuse to learn something, the Universe will keep bringing it to you in order for you to learn. What we forget is that these experiences hurt us but they definitely make us stronger. We eventually see that we are able to get through even the toughest times we thought we would never make. So congratulate yourself. You made it. You're here and you're stronger than before. That's enough for you to enjoy life.

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