Monday, February 20, 2017

Motivation Monday

As the big rainstorm rolled around this weekend it definitely made me realize one thing; how lucky we are to live in such an advanced world. My block was one of the blocks to lose power and we didn't have it for almost a whole day. I caught myself turning on the light when going to the restroom out of habit and forgetting that the power was out. I mean yes, it was bad but it could've been a lot worse. Not having electricity definitely made me realize how much we take the simple things for granted. Now, electricity isn't exactly simple but it is a necessity that we use everyday and sometimes we forget how lucky we are to even have just that. 
When bad things happen to us it's so easy to talk about it. It's like a disease and once we start it suddenly fills us up and we can't wait to tell the next person about the negatives and what's going wrong in our lives. It's a habit that needs to be broken. Sure, it's easy to see what's wrong and solely focus on that but what we're forgetting is that the more focus you put on it, the bigger it seems. The saying rings true; "the more you talk about it, the more you bring about it." So why would you want to attract more negative to yourself? I could've focused on the fact that we didn't have electricity and let it ruin my whole mood or I could've focused on the great fact that a tree didn't fall and smash my car and that my family was okay during the storm. It's time we focus on the positives that we have in our lives and sometimes they're the most simple things we overlook because we're so used to them. So next time something bothers you change your tone and change your thinking. Focus on the good in your life, keep thinking about how lucky you are and soon enough that's what you'll attract.

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