Monday, January 2, 2017

Motivation Monday

I really want to start this year off right. I want to rid myself of anything that can hold me back (and that's mentally + physically). I know everyone is saying how they have a bunch of resolutions for this year but I'm more of a DO rather than SAY type of person; I work in silence and let my actions speak for themselves. So before I start listing all the things I want for myself this year, I'm just going to tell you something that I'm going to believe in. FAITH. That is seriously such a big thing for me. I believe that anything is possible if you believe! All I want is for this year to start and end better than last year. The only way I'm going to stay consistent is if I take care of myself; mind, spirit, and soul. I'll be grateful for the small and big things that life brings to me. 
Gratitude is such a major key factor in receiving all the things you want for your life. How can you expect to receive if you always complain of the things you don't have? Why would you even think that you are deserving of more if you're not content with what's already been given to you. I swear to it that positivity is key! Law of attraction is real and when you start to think of yourself as a magnet, you'll be more cautious of the things you think and speak about. What you think about, you bring about. So make sure that this year you are THANKFUL. Thankful that you made it this far, thankful that you're alive to see another day, thankful for your simple health like breathing and seeing. When you're thankful for what is, God will reward you with more. So let's get it! Be thankful you're alive this Monday today and watch the rest of your story unfold.

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