Monday, November 7, 2016

Motivation Monday

I'm going to be honest (as I always try to be), I've been slacking; still. I've tried to find my motivation or my "mojo" and some days are better than others. It's like I compare myself to others and see how far they've gone and wonder why all the work I've been putting in hasn't gotten me to where I want to be. What I'm lacking in this thought process is that I'm failing to realize that things take time. LOTS OF TIME. Nothing comes easy and what I put in is what comes out. I know that there is much more that I can do; and that goes for my blog as well as my life. I've gotten bit by the lazy bug and it's time I shake it off and put my all into it again. After all, this is something I love and enjoy doing.
This quote resonates with me because it helped me realize that if I want change, I'm the one responsible for any of it to happen. I can't expect to go anywhere unless I make myself uncomfortable and do what needs to be done in order to get there. Change is inevitable if I want change in my life. I want to achieve things but I'm refusing to put in the work. I'm not moving or going anywhere because I've gotten lazy and have gotten comfortable. That's where I fail. You can't get comfortable and expect things to change. You have to go further and go out there to make things happen. If I want something really bad, I've got to put in the work to have it. If it's worth having, I'll put in the work to get it; If I want it bad enough. So this is a reminder to myself and to order for things to change, you got to keep it going, keep it moving.


  1. Yes! I love this. It is hard at times to force myself into that unfamiliar, uncomforable, change zone. But when I do great things occur. Thanks for sharing. Xo, ellese


  2. This is a great motivation. I guess, we have to take risks and welcome change once in a while :)



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