Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall For White

I've always had a thing for jumpsuits and man oh man, this one might be my favorite one yet. Let me just start off by saying that this material is thick and not your average cheap thinly made type of jumper. This one can easily go from Summer to Fall and I love that it has pockets. It is still majorly hot over here so I'm still wearing sandals and leaving the neckline open with a bralette underneath. But trust me, I'm praying and waiting for cooler temps too! The wide leg part is my favorite and although they say short people can't wear these type of things, I made sure to do so and rock it. Don't knock it till you try it right? I hope you enjoy the look!

Jumpsuit: c/o Dezzal Bralette: H&M | Sandals: H&M 
Photography by: @Nancexc

Don't forget to check out Dezzal here !

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  1. Lovely look for fall and awsome ombré, congrats!

  2. So cute! I love the pop of white and the vibes :)

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