Monday, September 19, 2016

Motivation Monday

I've realized that these past couple of months I've been getting too ahead of myself. By that I mean I'm not really living in the moment but then again, do we ever? We're always planning our next move, what we're going to do next week, when to do this task, when to do that; or thinking to the past, whether we could've done this, changed that, or simply forgot to lock the door. We're such in a rush to do things or always worrying about everything there is going on that we forget to just simply LIVE in the exact moment we are in. One thing I've learned, nothing lasts forever..good or bad! Which is why it's so detrimental to our lives to enjoy what is! We get so caught up in looking forward to the future, looking forward to that happiness we are so desperately searching for that we completely forget we are chasing a never ending thing. You see, happiness and being happy are a state of mind, not a destination because whatever we think will make us happy eventually fades away until we're off searching for the next best thing.
We have a tendency to judge, A LOT. Judge people, judge ourselves, judge the situation we are in and decided from that judgement whether or not it is good or bad. If we take away the judgement of any given thing and just accepted it for what it is, know that it doesn't last forever, and let it be, we'd be a lot happier. Of course, this is such a hard task to actually go on and take action; it takes a lot of patience and learning. But based on our judgement we judge everything that happens to us that we forget to focus on what we already have. I feel like sometimes nothing is never enough for me to make me happy. I forget about the basics and focus on the materialism that I don't realize I have it all. In the present moment we are in, our real situations are rarely as bad as we think it to be. We simply miss the point of being in the now and being happy for what is is, including the living breathing moment. We'll never get this time back and when it's too late we'll realize that all we have is a distant memory. So the next time you find yourself caught up worrying about the past or the future remember that being grateful starts with being present.

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