Monday, August 29, 2016

Motivation Monday

Being 25 is hard! I'm stuck between wanting to live my life and enjoy my youth but at the same time feel like I should have all my shit together already. I remember growing up and thinking that I would have all these things set in stone by the time I was 23, 24...boy was I wrong. I feel like it's gotten much harder over the years to become an adult. I'm stuck between thinking that I'm still young and I still have time and "Oh shit, I'm almost 30 I'm running out of time." Call it a little dramatic but I'm freaking out over here. I'm probably making myself feel a lot older than I am but I guess that's just because I feel like there's so much I still want to do before I really need to buckle down. My mom says I need to relax and I'm trying really hard to listen to her.
So when I read this quote it knocked me right back into reality. It made me realize that I was being way too hard on myself. I felt like sometimes what I had done for myself wasn't enough (blame it on my hunger for more), like I should've had more for myself at this age. But it takes me a second to realize that I've done pretty damn good for myself and I'm ahead of MY game. We are all on our own path and we can't compare ourselves to the next person because whatever they are meant to obtain in life is for them and them only. I realize that I am at a perfect age; I'm still young enough to explore and do things as I please but also learning as I go. We live and we learn and that's what growing up is all about. I just need to read this time and time again and see that I'm doing just fine.

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