Monday, August 1, 2016

Motivation Monday

Life is filled with ups and downs. Ever heard of the quote "that's life!" and ever wondered why life is described to be great and not so great at the same time? That's because life isn't easy, it's a learning experience. You live and you learn, everyday. You go through the good, the bad, the ugly, only to get back to the good again. But in the best moments of your life, you are thankful for what you've endured, because you know how much you've fought to get there. You know how to appreciate the good because you've been through the bad. Some tough times are rough and seem to take longer than others but I'm here to remind you that "this too shall pass."
And when the days stay dark and you feel like you can't take anymore, you must remember that you are stronger than this. You'e been through worse and you've gotten through it. You'e a survivor and you've gotten through other rough patches in your life in which you thought were the worst; didn't you? The times where you thought to yourself "how can I possible get through this?" you did it; and gained a little more strength and dignity along the way. Everything happens for a reason and we are often placed into different sections of life for a reason. Whether it is to learn, see, realize new things, it is for your benefit. It's up to you to stay strong and keep fighting. Keep fighting for you and keep fighting for the better days; they're just around the corner. Give up on giving up!


  1. Always love your optimism, Karina! What a wonderful way to start a new week. :)


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