Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer '16 Ready

It's #Summer16 and I'm planning on spending my weekends at the beach or preferably near a body of water if possible. I don't know about you, but nothing says relaxed like throwing on a bikini, laying out, and enjoying this beautiful California Summer weather. Of course, with the Summer season rolling around comes the need to feel or look "beach body ready"; am I right!? I have to admit, it's hard being a girl. We're constantly being looked at under a microscope, being judged to see if we live up to the perfect supermodels with their skinny thighs and airbrushed skin, it's exhausting; not to mention tough! But I think I've finally had enough and made my own breakthrough as far as being comfortable and happy with my own body. It all starts with loving myself.

It's taken some time though, but I've come to realize that I'll never be perfect, and that's okay. No one is perfect but we all are perfect in our own way. Since I've been going to the gym I've been feeling more confident about myself (blame it on the endorphins if you will) but the gym helps me feel comfortable and strong. Like yes, I am a woman but I can lift some heavy stuff. Looking at myself in the mirror I am proud of who I've become. I've taken charge of my health and my body and know that no one is in charge of my happiness and well being but me. No one can break that either. Figuring this out makes it a lot easier to put on a bikini.

When you look at yourself and start to think about your attributes, it helps diminish all the negatives you constantly focus on. I've overcome my constant fixation on my cellulite; I've learned that it comes with the territory of having curves and that's perfectly okay. No, I won't be stick thin because that's not my body type, and THAT'S OKAY. It's normal to have cellulite, it's normal to have a waist, it's normal to be perfectly imperfect. Once I realized this, everything else just fell into place and now I can honestly say, I love myself for who I am and who I'll grow to become. So love yourself first, take care of yourself, take charge of your life, and know that whatever shape or form you're in, you're bikini body ready -- as long as you're happy! 


Bathing Suit: c/o | Hat: PacSun (old)

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  1. Beautiful words :) love the pop of red!

    Check out my latest!

  2. Such a gorgeous swimsuit! The ruffles are so cute!


    Tamara -

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  4. Love this post so much!! I agree, I've recently been realizing that it's totally okay to be content and happy with the "imperfections" because it's life and what truly matters is being healthy and happy. Love that suit as well, you look amazing!!



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