Monday, July 25, 2016

Motivation Monday

I know that I seem like the crusader for all things positivity on here but the truth is, I struggle with it, A LOT. I'm not perfect and I'll say it time and time again. A lot of things are easier said than done and as much as I want to practice what I preach, life just happens! All of a sudden I'm sitting at home and I'm realizing how life isn't what I expected or wanted it to be at the moment. Now I have a ton of things to be thankful for but of course we're not all perfect and there are certain things where I feel like I'm lacking. I can't help but to focus on those tiny minor things and they end up being such a big deal to me. I lose focus of what's important and don't realize that I'm allowing the negativity to consume me and my life; only bringing more negativity into my life. 
Sometimes I'll write these #motivationmonday posts in a way where I'm talking to myself. They are journal like posts that are meant for me where I need a wake up call and realize that not all is lost. When I focus on the little tiny things that bother me, I fail to see all the good in my life. The irreplaceable things such as my health, my family's health, my great job, friends that are there for me and love me, my freedom to be who I want to be, and the list goes on. The point I'm trying to make is don't be so hard on yourself. Everything comes when it's supposed to. If you're lacking something or it isn't here yet, it doesn't mean it won't happen it's just not the time. But for now focus on what is now, and appreciate yourself for who you are and what you've become at this point in time. The other parts of your life will fall into place when you least expect them. Appreciate what is, appreciate the goodness of your life, and don't forget to water your side of the grass. You are where you are for a reason and all that's meant for you, the happiness you desire and dream about will come on it's own terms. Enjoy these moments, they'll only happen once.

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