Friday, June 3, 2016

Strapless Stripes: Dressed Up

I used to hate wearing anything strapless because I felt like it made me look like I had big shoulders. I had this feeling like I didn't have those cute girl shoulders like every model does. But then one day something in me snapped and BAM, the feeling was gone. Now, I can't get enough of anything strapless. When I'm shopping and I spot a strapless jumpsuit with pockets?! I'm all IN! I saw this one and immediately took it into the fitting room to try on. Once I saw the way it fit perfectly, it was a done deal. I wanted to showcase how you could dress this jumpsuit up but also dress it down and wear it more casually. I'm all for versatility in a piece! Here I got a little more on the "fancy" side and wore it dressed up. The great thing about a jumpsuit is that all you have to worry about is adding accessories and shoes. A nice dainty necklace, a cute bag, and cute heels; you're set to go! Stay tuned for the casual look on the next post. 

Jumpsuit: Rhapsodielle | Heels: Rhapsodielle | Backpack: Target


  1. So cute girl! Loving the heels, something cute and different :)

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  2. nice one cute girl. if she wear India Ethnic wear - Designer Lehenga she looks like a queen

  3. Beautiful post my dear! Amazing blog! I will be very glad if you will come to me! Please write comments to posts that you like!

  4. This outfit is just too cute on you! The stripes are so classy and chic!



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