Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pinterest DIY Hack: Blackhead Remover -- Does it work!?

Hey loves! So as I find myself more on Pinterest lately, I can't help but veer towards all the little DIYs they have and natural ways to make beauty masks with things in your own kitchen. I've always been a fan of blackhead removers and been fascinated to see if they really work. I came across this simple recipe from a fellow pinner on Pinterest and I thought I'd give it a shot and see how it goes. Watch the video to see for yourself, enjoy! 


So here's what I really think: Yes, I did see some whiteheads/blackheads getting pulled out but not as much as I expected. I feel like because the gelatin was a neutral color, it was harder for me to see the results (that could've been a factor). The gelatin did smell weird to me but it was bearable for 10 minutes. The fact that this only required two ingredients and nothing too crazy is what sold me on trying it. The real question is: Will I use this recipe for this blackhead remover again? Probably not! I didn't see the results that I really wanted to see so I will be on the hunt for a better recipe to try! I'm thinking a charcoal DIY recipe next so stay tuned!

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